Hermes Scam Text Numbers

On this page we present Hermes Scam Text Numbers so you can avoid falling for one of these unsolicited messages.

What are Hermes Scam text messages?

These messages appear on your mobile phone as a text message purportedly from Hermes suggesting that you need to organise the redelivery of a parcel. They invariably contain a link to a scam website that is in disguise as the real Hermes website. 

Potential victims are encouraged to visit the website in order to organise a redelivery of their Hermes parcel. Often the text message suggests that the victim needs to pay a small fee in order to organise the redelivery.

How can I recognise a Hermes Redelivery scam text?

1) The number

The very first thing you need to remember in order to protect yourself from this scam is that Hermes do not send notifications for redelivery by text. If a Hermes driver attempts a delivery while you are out they will notify you by putting a notice through your letterbox on a slip of paper. They will not send a text message to you from a standard looking UK telephone number, which leads to point 2.

2) The number

When large companies such as Hermes, Amazon, or you bank contact you by text they do so via a short-form text number. The Hermes redelivery scam texts that have been reported to us all contain 11 digits and appear to be a standard UK mobile phone number. 

3) The message

The scam Hermes text messages that we have seen include an array of spelling and grammatical errors that would be a dead giveaway to anyone paying close attention. Most include a request fo you to visit a scam website so you can pay a fee to have your Hermes parcel redelivered. When you receive a suspect message you should assume the worst. Don’t follow links to websites that seem suspect.

4) The Website

Another thing that Hermes scam redelivery text messages contain is a dodgy looking link to scam website. The domain chosen by the scammers are usually hugely different from the domain name of the actual Hermes website.

Many of the scam domain contain trigger words like redelivery, payment etc. They may even contain the name Hermes, but don’t be fooled. Any website domain that does not appear as or is not the genuine Hermes website.

Telephone Number Date Reported  Scam Tactic
28/04/2021 scam text
20/04/2021 scam text
20/04/2021 scam text
20/04/2021 scam text
17/04/2021 scam text
447398721631 15/04/2021 Scam Text