Building Societies

There are a huge number of building societies operating within the UK at this time. Due to the more integrated financial structures that exist in the world today many of these building societies have outgrown their local roots and traditional role.

However many of these institutions, like the Nationwide, have attempted to retain the characteristics that identify a building society from a bank for example responsibility to customers rather than shareholders, whilst taking on a service that was once only offered by banks: current accounts. Another example is the West Bromwich Building Society which, despite having a few offices outside the Midlands, definitely retains a strong presence in and around Birmingham. Many Building Societies also take pride in being able to offer fairer mortgage rates and a sense of good, fair and local customer service and support.

In the table below we have provided a customer service telephone line for each building society and a link to more exhaustive customer contact details.

Building Society Name Customer service number Company Profile
Leeds Building Society 0345 0505 075 Leeds Profile
Manchester Building Society 0161 923 8065 Manchester Profile
Marsden Building Society 01282 440500 Marsden Profile
Melton Mowbray Profile 01644 414141 Melton Mowbray Profile
Newcastle Building Society 0345 734 4345 Newcastle Profile
Norwich and Peterborough Building Society 0345 300 2511 Norwich and Peterborough Profile
Nottingham Building Society 0344 481 4444 Nottingham Profile
West Bromwich Building Society 0345 241 3784 West Bromwich Profile