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Anibase (Identibase) contact number: 01904 487600

Contact Anibase (Identibase) on 01904 487600 Are you a pet owner who fears the loss of a beloved pet? Do you own a dog that needs a microchip in order to comply with the recent change in UK law? Perhaps you have already had your pet microchipped, but your circumstances have changed. Contact Anibase, one… Read More »

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Iberia: 0203 6843 774

The Iberia customer service telephone number is 0203 6843 774; it is manned 24/7 and you can use it to make/change a reservation or to book a flight. Iberia Airlines recently celebrated their 90th birthday. Only a year after launching their first flight in December 1927 they had become the national airline of Spain, a… Read More »

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Icon Health & Fitness: 01924 847724

Phone the Icon sales team on 01924 847724 or for enquiries about spare parts and warranty claims call their customer service team on 0330 123 1045. As an umbrella company for a host of health and fitness companies – including brand names such as Gold’s Gym and NordicTrack – Icon Health & Fitness are one… Read More »

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Identibase contact number 01904 487600

  Contact Identibase on 01904 487600 Identibase (formerly Anibase)  are a pet microchip registry holding the details of over 5 million pets. If you own a dog that needs a microchip or you need to contact Identibase to inform them of a change of ownership or details for a microchipped dog, then you have a number… Read More »

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Ikano Bank: 0371 781 3080

Calls to 0371 numbers are charged at the same rate as “01” and “02” numbers. Phone calls to these numbers are often included in the bundles packages that are set when you purchase a mobile phone, check your telephone contract to see if this applicable to you.  Ikano are a Swedish financing bank who offer… Read More »

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