American Football ticket office numbers

On this page we present a wealth of knowledge and information on ticket office numbers and contact numbers for college and NFL football teams operating in the US.

College Football

In order to locate your team you will need to know which league they are playing in. Note that college football in America is divided into two divisions. The highest division – formerly known as Division 1-A –  is the Football Bowl Division. This consists of 130 university teams from around America, divided by geographical location into 11 conferences, so at the start of the season teams play in a league against other college teams in their own state and nearby states.

The lower tier, which used to be called Division 1-AA, is now known as the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS). The 130 teams that make up the FCS are divided into 15 conferences.

NCAA Division 1

Tier 1 – Football Bowl Division

American Athletic Conference

Big Ten Conference

Tier 2 – Football Championship Subdivision (FCS)


Mid-American Conference

South Western Athletic Conference (SWAC)

Missouri Valley Football Conference

Big 12 Conference