Reporting Fraud to HMRC

The HMRC have a number of different phone lines on which you can report different types of fraud including: the national benefit fraud hotline, the tax evasion hotline, a telephone line to report money laundering, and a number for reporting customs excise and VAT fraud. All of these numbers are manned between 8 am and 6 pm, Monday to Friday.


National Benefit Fraud Hotline

The national benefit fraud hotline is the number you need if you wish to report fraudulent claims of any benefits, including those paid by the HMRC. This is an anonymous telephone line so that the caller’s identity is protected. When reporting fraud you will need to be able to outline your reasons for calling and be able to give at least some of the details of the person you are reporting, such as their address or place of work.

National Benefit Fraud Hotline – 0800 850 440
National Benefit Fraud Hotline (Welsh Speakers) – 0800 678 3722


Tax Evasion Hotline

Tax evasion can be reported to HMRC over the telephone using either the tax evasion hotline or their telephone line for reporting tax avoidance schemes. When calling either of these numbers you will be required to present a case for your suspicions and also some contact details of the person or company who you suspect.

Tax Evasion Hotline – 0800 788 887
Tax Avoidance Schemes – 03000 588 993


Reporting Money Laundering

If you come across a suspicious transaction that you suspect constitutes money laundering then you can report your suspicions to HMRC via reporting money laundering helpline. If you believe this suspicious activity to be taking place within a business you own or work in then  be sure to have all the details and evidence ready to help you make a clear and full report.

Money Laundering – Reporting Suspicious Activity – 0800 595 000


Reporting Customs, Excise and VAT Fraud

This number can also be used to report smuggling and is the contact you need to anonymously report any suspicions you have of illegal imports or fraudulent payments for goods coming or leaving the UK.

Reporting Customs, Excise and VAT Fraud – 0800 595 000


Tax Avoidance Schemes – Settlement Opportunites

If you believe that one or more of your investments contravenes UK tax laws then you can call HMRC to discuss opportunities to reach a settlement. This can be done by contacting the HMRC specialist advice helpline on the folowing number.

Tax Avoidance Schemes Settlement Opportunities – 0300 1233134