The telephone number +447399580961 is being used by scammers to send fake Hermes redelivery texts. This is a potentially dangerous communication. If you receive a text from the number then we advise you report to your mobile service provider on 7726, and the delete and block the number.

What does this scam Hermes message from +44 7399 580961

Communication from +447399580961 will appear as an unsolicited text on your mobile phone. The message, replicated below, contains advice that Hermes have made an unsuccessful attempt at a parcel delivery to your address. They then provide a link to their scam website inviting you to pay a small fee to arrange redelivery. In fact the parcel does not exist. If you input your bank and personal details onto this website your details will invariably used to commit fraud against you. The text message from 07399 580961 reads as follows:

Hi there, we tried to deliver your Hermes parcel but was unsuccessful. Please visit for more information: https://hermes-re-direct(.) com

Remember if Hermes need to make a redelivery they will leave a note through your door informing you about it. They will not send you a text, and certainly not from a standard looking UK mobile phone number like +44 7399 580961.

The other indicator that this is a Hermes text scam is the grammar accompanying the message from a domain name that is not the real Hermes website.