The telephone number +447947548275, which may appear as +44 7947 548275 on some phones, is being used by scammers who are operating a Hermes redelivery scam.

How does this Hermes Scam text work?

THERE IS NO PARCEL. THIS IS A SCAM! If you receive a text message from this number then be sure that you do not click on any links contained inside the message. The link which in this case is to a site called Myhermes postal .com is a scam. Anyone who inputs their personal or banking details on this site will be at risk of fraud.

The first step the scammers take when they are setting up a scam like this is to set up a fake Hermes website. In this case they have chosen the domain name https://myhermes(-)postal(.)com. The website is designed to look like the real Hermes website, replete with a section for you to fill in your bank details. 

Next the scammers send a text from a series of UK mobile numbers. The premise of these scam Hermes texts is that delivery was attempted to your address and you need to make a payment for redelivery. They direct the potential victim to their scam website asking them to input their personal and banking details and to pay a small fee for redelivery. However, anyone who does input their details will only have their bank details stolen and used to commit fraud against them. There is no parcel.

Therefore if you receive a text message from the number +447947548275 you should be extremely wary. Do not click on any links. Forward the message to 7726, which is the number used by all networks for scam reporting. Then delete and block the number.