The telephone number 07782747924, which may also appear as +447824747924 or +4478 2747 4924 on your phone, is being used as part of  a Hermes redelivery scam. 

If you get an unsolicited text message from this number then be careful not to click on any links. Instead you should delete the message and block the number. Before you take this action you may choose to forward the message to 7726 which is the number to report spam on all major UK networks. 

The most recent scam Hermes text message from the number +44782747924 contained the following message:

HERMES: We attempted to deliver your parcel on 19/04/21. Pay a £1.57 redelivery fee at fees-hermes(.)com to avoid your parcel being returned to the sender.

How does the Hermes Redelivery Scam text work?

The aim of this scam is to trick people into thinking that there has been an attempt by Hermes to make a delivery at their address. They then send a text suggesting that Hermes can make a redelivery as long as you login and pay a fee. Note that the website provided is fees-hermes(.)com. This is not the genuine Hermes website, however it has been designed by the scammers to look like the real thing.

There is a field on the scam fees-hermes website where visitors are invited to input their bank details in order to pay a fee so their Hermes parcel can be redelivered. In fact anyone who does so will just be handing their bank details to scammers on a plate.

Protect yourself by not clicking on any links. Delete and block any text messages from 07782747924