Tuk Tuk Insurance

Tuk Tuks have traditionally been associated with Asia but things are changing. Not only are they attractive but they are also much friendlier to the environment. The increasing number of e-Tuks has made these three wheelers a viable and cheaper alternative than electric cars for customers looking for an environmentally friendly method of transport. Businesses too have tried to tap into the potential these cool little auto-rickshaws with many Tuk Tuks converted into ice cream vans, hot dog stands and coffee vendors. Although still a fringe vehicle these cute little runarounds will become an increasingly frequent sight on British streets.

Tuk Tuks and The Law

Tuk Tuks are classed as three wheelers and can be legally driven on UK roads by drivers who have held a motorbike license for at least 4 years. Before taking to the roads they must also pass an enhanced drivers certificate with the DVLA.

All vehicles must prove to rod-worthy by passing an MOT test.

Vehicles will also need to be insured. See below for a list of providers.

Tuk Tuk Insurance

A number of vehicle insurance companies have started to offer Tuk Tuk insurance packages. Below you will find a selection of these companies. We have created this page to help you shop around and get the best insurance package for your vehicle.

Company Phone Number
Bikesure 0800 089 0199
County Group
0333 202 3166
JSW Insurance 01422 410 605
NCASS 0121 603 2524
Westminster Insurance 01708 729500