NCASS Tuk Tuk Insurance

Phone NCASS on 0121 603 2524 to enquire about taking out a Tuk  insurance scheme for your mobile catering business. NCASS offer a variety of Auto-rickshaw insurance policies which provide cover against events including damage, fire and theft or loss. Their local rate 0121 number will connect you with an expert in the field of Tuk Tuk insurance, providing you the assurance that your vehicle is protected.



The Nationwide Caterers Association (NCASS) are a UK trade association representing the street food and catering industry. Part of their remit is to provide insurance support to mobile caterers including those who operate out of an Auto Rickshaw. They provide a variety of levels of cover that you can choose from depending on budget and the value of your business and vehicle. If you are looking to run your catering businesss from a Tuk Tuk then NCASS are a great place to start with enquiries about insurance. Phone them today on 0121 603 2524 to enquire about taking out Tuk Tuk insurance.



Tuk Tuk Fleet Insurance

If you are looking to insure more than one vehicle then NCASS can provide a special insurance package that will cover your fleet. Discuss this over the phone with the team at NCASS by calling 0121 603 2524.