The County Group Tuk Tuk Insurance

The County Group offer specialist insurance packages for both private Tuk Tuk owners and businesses who plan to use their vehicle for commercial purposes. Phone 0333 202 3166 to get information and advice about taking out Tuk Tuk insurance from a member of the County Group insurance team.


The County Group Tuk Tuk Insurance

Unlike many other insurance companies the County Group have a specialist Tuk Tuk insurance department that is run by an actual real-life Tuk Tuk enthusiast. His name is Steve and he will be able to guide you through all the available insurance packages. These include schemes for business who use Auto-rickshaws as vehicles for the following purposes:

  • Tours
  • Wedding parties
  • Food + drink
  • Corporate events

Basically if you own a Tuk Tuk and want to get it insured for business purposes then be sure to phone Steve at the County Group on 0333 202 3166.


County Group Tuk Tuk Insurance email

The County Group have a dedicated email address which customers can use to get details about Tuk Tuk insurance schemes. The email, run by Steve mentioned above, is


 If you would like some more information about Insuring your Tuk Tuk, including the details of some more insurance schemes then visit this page: Tuk Tuk Insurance