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Be aware that the number 01918086781 is being used to place scam calls to in the UK. When calling the scammer will claim to be representing BT UK and will suggest they are calling to discuss a problem with the recipients broadband.  In fact the callers are trying to dupe the recipient of the call… Read More »

Rochdale Elections team contact number: 0300 303 0345

Contact the Elections team at Rochdale Council by telephone on the number 0300 303 0345, or email them on Residents of the borough can contact the team using these methods regarding registering to vote or for queries regarding the election process. If you have not yet received your polling card for an upcoming election… Read More »

City Arts Cocktail Bar phone number: 020 3835 8500

Contact City Arts Cocktail bar in London on their landline number 020 3835 8500. This number can be used for reservations or to enquire about booking a private lounge.  Customers can also phone City Arts Cocktail Bar for menu enquiries and to speak to a member of staff about admittance policy. You might also phone… Read More »

Ruga Bistro phone number: 0121 692 1928

Ruga Bistro are a Chinese restaurant located on Pershore Street next to Chinatown. You can book a table over the phone using the number 0121 692 1928. The restaurant have a number of speciality Chinese dishes including: charcoal grilled oysters toothpick pork boilef pork shank salmon head in clay pot fish fillet congee in clay… Read More »

Royal Club booking number: 0121 666 6007

Book a private room to sing to your hearts content at Royal Club in the heart of Birmingham’s Chinatown. The Royal Club is a karaoke joint in the heart of Chinatown that attracts members of the Chinese community. Anyone can of course attend but the lyric tend to be in Mandarin Chinese.


The telephone number +8618265900516 bears all the hallmarks of a genuine Chinese phone number. However, the number is a virtual one, for sale or rent from a website called online-sms(.)org. As a virtual number we can be sure that +8618265900516 is not a normal mobile phone or landline number provided by a regulated provider. As… Read More »

Floodcall phone number: 0800 587 1212

Londoners can phone Flood call on the number 0800 587 1212 to request an emergency call out in the event of a flood in your property. If necessary Floodcall can also send out an electrician who can assess any electrical damage and perform emergency repairs. You can also contact the team by emailing Floodcall… Read More »

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What is a +91 number?

Phone calls that begin with the prefix +91 originate in India. +91 is the international telephone acces code for Inida, and any call that begins +91 has its origin in this country. Therefore, those looking to call India from outside the country will need to begin their call with 0091 in order to connect their… Read More »

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