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Concentrix UK Phone Number: 028 9022 7777

The telephone number for Concentrix at their offices in Belfast is 028 9022 7777.  Concentrix provide customer service and customer engagement strategies and technology for a wide range of businesses across the globe. They have offices in the USA, Canada, the UK among other countries. Their UK offices are in Belfast and you can contact… Read More »


The telephone number 07310 999059 is being used to send Covid-19 relief grant scam texts. These unsolicited texts are sent from seemingly unsuspicious UK mobile phone numbers, in this case 07310 999059: GOVUK: Due to the recent stage 4 lockdown, you are eligible for a COVID-19 relief grant. To proceed, please visit: https://govuk-relief-grant(.)com These scam… Read More »

020 7898 3269

The telephone number 020 7898 3269 is being used in the UK to make automated scam HMRC calls to UK mobile phone numbers. If you receive a phone call from this number then do not reply or press any of the automated options left in the message. HMRC Arrest Warrant Phone Call A common scam… Read More »


The UK telephone number +44 7366 880790 is being used by scammers to send fake HSBC texts. This number was reported on the 1st of November 2020 when a UK resident complained about receiving a scam login from a new device text. If you receive a message from this number then do not call back… Read More »


The phone number +44788574634 is being used to send HSBC new device texts to UK mobile phone customers. If you receive a text from this number then do not respond to the message and do not click on any links. HSBC: A payment was attempted from an unregistered device to Mrs K Adams for £240.00… Read More »

EE Verify Billing Details 447770950608

The number +44 777 095 0608 has been used by scammers sending EE verify your billing details scam texts. If you receive a text from this number do not ring back, or click on any of the links in the message. The message included in the scam text from +44 777 095 0608 includes a… Read More »


A fake EE text message was sent on the 29th October 2020 from the UK number +44 7826 284 278. If you receive a suspicious text from this number then do not respond to the communication and do not click on any links contained in the message. You should also be extremely wary of any… Read More »

0378 STD code

0378 is an early Vodafone mobile phone STD code that was taken out of service in 1994. It was replaced by other STD codes including 07778 in the 1990s. When this number was in use it appeared at the start of certain uk Vodafone numbers as 0378 XXXXXX. These days no mobile phone numbers begin… Read More »

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The telephone number 07778 051541 has been linked to HSBC new payee scam texts. If you receive a suspicious new payee text then you should report to HSBC on, Then delete the message and block the number. HSBC New Payee Scam Texts HSBC new payee scam texts have been increasingly common in 2020. They… Read More »