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Phone Segen Ltd on 0330 900 0141 to enquire about having a solar panel installation on your home or business.


Segen are a UK company that specialise in installing the newest and best solar panels from around the world, including photovoltaic solar energy. Photovoltaic panels have a much better rate at converting solar energy into electricity that can be used and stored in your home. To find out more about photovoltaic panels solar energy and technology see the following lecture by Professor Henry Snaith.



They have trade links with energy and technology companies from around the world including Canadian Solar, LG, Samil Power and SolarEdge. They have particularly strong trade links with  Huawei from China and are listed on the Huawei company website an an official distributor in the UK. Segen are licensed to install the Huawei Sun 2000 Solar unit which includes the panels and monitoring units. If you would like a full list of Huawei products provided by Segen Ltd then visit the Huawei page on their website.