Huawei Contact Number: 0800 088 6700

The freephone Huawei contact number in the UK is 0800 088 6700. Lines are open between 9 am and 9 pm Monday to Friday and 9 am and 5 pm on Saturdays. 

Are you concerned about or would you like to ask some questions about Huawei’s role in the future of UK internet connectivity? Would you like to ask a question about their 5G network? If so then email:


Huawei Profile

Huawei is a Chinese technology company and mobile phone manufacturer based near the Hong Kong border in Shenzhen, Guangzhou. They are listed as the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer and the ninth largest technology company in the world. They boast a huge range of products including phones, PCs, watches and mobile phones as well as services such as Broadband. They also do a range of solar panels and installations suitable for home or business.

Huawei were founded in 1987 by Ren Zhengfei an ex junior officer in the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). With just a 20,000 Yuan investment fund he started the company and began making switches for phones. This was the dawn of the mobile telephone era and Huawei were the first Chinese company to make significant breakthroughs in the provision of mobile phones to this market made up of over 1 billion people. 

In 1999 they made their first foray into foreign markets when they developed a research and development centre in Bangalore. Since then they have become a major international mobile phone brand providing parts and technologies and networks for some of the biggest telecommunications companies in the world.


Huawei Contact Numbers

Huawei have offices and research and development centres across the globe and we have done our best to provide you with the Huawei contact number in your country. Whether you are phoning Huawei  with a general enquiry or are looking to find out more about their products or research then we have the telephone number for you. We will start by proving the contact details for Huawei’s native China, before moving onto the UK and the the USA. We will also look at other countries where Huawei have development centres and provide you with the most relevant number for your enquiry.


Huawei Contact Number – China

Although Huawei are now a company with a truly global reach they have not lost their roots in China. The global Huawei Head office is in Shenzhen and you can phone them on (86) 755 2878 0808. The (86) at the start of this number is the international dialling code for China. Customers who have purchased a Huawei product in China are encouraged to visit the Huawei website and register for after sales support. To do this you will need a user ID and password which you can verify by text to your mobile telephone. The webpage is Uniportal Huawei. Alternatively you can contact Huawei in China using the postal address, below:

Huawei Address:

Bantian Huawei Base
Longgang District

And In Chinese the address is:


Customers in China can enquire about using Huawei solar panels by phoning their Head Office on 400 878 5555 or by email at:


Huawei Contact Number UK

Mobile Phones. Customers who are experiencing a problem with their Huawei mobile phone or other device can visit the technical support page on the Huawei website. Alternatively you can phone Huawei support on 0800 088 6700.

Mobile Internet and Dongles

Huawei Solar Panels. Huawei also have a solar panel range with smart digital technology that allows you to maximise the yield of your panels and gives full control of your energy use. If you would like to enquire about having Huawei solar panels inserted on your home or place of business then contact Huawei Solar using the email address:, or for more information about the Huawei inverter see the solar section of the Huawei website.

Distributors in the UK that specialise in converting the energy supplies of residential properties in the UK to Huawei Solar include Rexel Energy Solutions and Segen Ltd.


Huawei Business Complaints

International companies can report a copyright violation to Huawei in China by email. The email can also be used to report bribery, contract or market violations or fake goods. Similarly complaints of this nature can be reported using the Huawei Complaints email address: