Playboxs: 65133

Do not interact with any texts you receive from the scam number 65133. This is a scam set up to separate you from your hard earned cash. This scam involves unfortunate recipients being sent unwanted gaming alerts for a £6 monthly fee. 

There is no simple way to unsubscribe so customers are advised to alert their mobile phone service subscriber as soon as they receive any notification by text from Playboxs. Three Mobile customers seem to be the most badly affected by this premium-rate phone alert scam. Many Three users on Twitter complain that they have been charged up to £50 by the 65133 scam. The scam, which must have been made possible by a date breach, started to effect Three users in October ’19 and many have still been unable to have got the problem sorted up till now.


Contact PSA

If you are unfortunate to have fallen foul of the 65133 phone scam then you should report it to the Phone-paid Services Authority (PSA).