Lloyds Pharmacy: 0345 600 3565

High street customers can contact Lloyds Pharmacy on 0345 600 3565 and press 1; however if you are phoning Lloyds Pharmacy concerning an online purchase or customer service experience you should dial the same number but press 2 when you get to the first automated message.

Lloyds Pharmacy are a British high street and online pharmaceutical retailer; one of the main rivals of Boots and Superdrug in terms of sales of medicine, healthcare products, and cosmetics. The first Lloyds Pharmacy was opened in 1973 in Polesworth, a large village in Warkickshire, they went on to exand across the Midlands and also open branches in towns and cities across the UK. In 1997 they were bought by Celesio AG, a subsiary of the American pharmaceutical giant the McKesson Corporation, thus linking Lloyds Pharmacy with AAH Pharmaceuticals forming a team of over 1300 Lloyds Pharmacy branches across the UK and Europe.

Lloyds Pharmacy Products

A huge array of products are available online and in-store. To find out more about the products listed below and any other sold in Lloyds Pharmacy branches you should phone 0345 600 3565 and then select option 1. If you want to contact LLoyds about a product you have seen or have purchased online you should phone the same number, but select option 2. We have arranged the products below into categories: medical, cosmetics, weight loss products, vitamins and supplements.


In store you can purchase medicines over the counter or off the shelf. In order to purchase the types of medicine you will need to either get a prescription from your GP or you may be able to get a prescription from the Lloyds online doctor. Phone the Lloyds online doctor customer service team 020 7989 9888 for information on products that they can prescribe online.

Lloyds Pharmacy Medical products

  • Hayfever tablets – try the new sneezer beam , which relieves hayfever using photo therapy
  • Sleeping pills – including herbal remedies
  • Ear, eye and oral – drops to cure minor ailments
  • Stop Smoking – products including vapes, chewing gums, inhalers and patches
  • Mobility Aids – including orthotics, parts for mobility scooters, and wheelchairs
  • Products for babies- formula milk, dummies, sterilising tablets and brushes
  • Sexual health – contraception including the pill and condoms, canestan, viagra by prescription
  • Hair loss treatments – Lloyds offer a variety of products that can halt or reverse hair loss
  • Asthma – inhalers, medicines, and preventers for customers who have been diagnosed with this condition

Contact Lloyds Pharmacy for information and advice on the safe use of these products by phoning 0345 600 3565 and pressing option 1, or if you would like to speak to your local branch see our page on local branch telephone numbers. Customers looking to speak to Lloyds Pharmacy about a product they wish to buy online can phone 0345 600 3565 and press option 2.


Lloyds Pharmacy sell a range of basic cosmetics such as mascara, lipstick, eyeshadow and foundation, they also do varous skin products including washes and whiteners. Their Beauty & Fragrance range features less well known brands such as Avene and Bourjois and also family favourites like Nivea and Dove.

Lloyds Pharmacy Cosmetic & Beauty Products

  • Skincare – Lloyds sell a variety of moisuturised as well as exfoliants, face masks and anti-wrinkle creams
  • Perfumes – all Lloyds Pharmacies have a range of perfumes and deodorants and anti-perspirants
  • Lips, Face hands and eyes- you will find a wide range of products to protect and beautify
  • Tanning – Choose from among the many tanning products that Lloyds supply in-store and online

All products in stock can be view on the Lloyds Pharmacy website, alternatively phone 0345 600 3565 or contact your local branch for product details or to check availability of stock.

Weight Loss Products

Lloyds sell a host of products designed to help you lose weight and attain an improved sense of well-being by making improvements to your diet. Many of these products are designed to help you support a healthy lifestyle that complement and support your exercise habits. For information about these products and advice on how to use them effectively and healthily contact Lloyds Pharmacy on 0345 600 3565 to speak to a customer service representative.

Betterlife Mobility Range Contact Number: 01772 644 288

Lloyds Pharmacy have a huge range of mobility products which are branded together under their Betterlife range which has its own section in both their high street shops and on the Lloyds Pharmacy website. Products sold include wheelchairs, mobility scooters, walking sticks, and electric rise and recline chairs. They also have a big range of stairlifts suitable for a range of different shaped staircases, from curved, straight to outdoor steps. Additionally the Betterware range includes medical furniture, toilet and personal hygiene aids and dressings. For more information on any of the Betterlife range phone their sales telephone line which is available to take calls between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday and 9am and 6pm on saturday and Sundays; the number is: 01772 644207.

If subsequent to your purchase you experience a technical fault with any product in the Betterlife range you can phone the technical support line on: 01772 644 208.