Contact the Boots customer care team on 0345 070 8090 for stock and pharmacy enquiries, information about products, or to make a complaint.

This number, like most of the numbers on this page, is open between 8.30am and 7pm Monday-Friday and 8.45am and 5pm at the weekend.

Boots are the leading pharmaceutical retailer in the UK, with 2,500 shops across the UK and Republic of Ireland employing a total of 72,000 people. They have a strong tradition of research in the development of new medicines. Notable achievements by the research arm of the Boots brand include the development of Ibuprofen and the huge role they played in the manufacture of penicillin used on wounded British troops during WW2. These achievements belie the humble origins of a company established in 1849 as just one shop in Nottingham selling herbal medicine. It is likely the founder, John Boot, would be surprised at how diverse the product range has become with a huge array of beauty, medical, toileteries, food, hair and other grooming equipment, to name but a few.

Boots also provide a huge range of medical and non-medical services. The most important service provided by Boots is their pharmacy, most stores employing a team pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who have a wealth of medical knowledge and important advice on safe use of products. These staff members also run the Boots repeat prescription service whereby patients’ regular medications are managed by Boots after they recieve a prescription from a GP. Most High Street stores have a photography section where you can print photos, print photos onto mugs cards, canvasesses, buy frames, and make album collections. Boots also have an impressive online store replete with  all of the products available in-store and more.

Many cities in the UK have a large Boots store with a sexual health clinic and a walk-in health centre, with medical professionals to give advice and give tests. Boots also have a pharmacy in many hospitals in the UK.

Boots Telephone Numbers

Area Telephone Number
Customer Care 0345 070 8090 enquiries 0345 609 0055
General Switchboard 0115 950 6111
Boots Advantage Card 0345 124 4545
Boots Hearing care 0345 485 1800
Boots Opticians 0345 125 3752
Healthcare Enquiries 0207 025 6657
Brands 0207 025 6677
Beauty and Lifestyle Enquiries 0207 025 6677
Media and Advertising enquiries 0203 023 0500

Customer Care Number

The Boots customer care number is suitable for all general enquiries. Popular reasons to phone are to check if a product is in stock, in-store and to check if a certain store provides a service, for example photography. This number can also be used to give feedback about an experience in store, for example to complain. It can also be used to air any concerns or grievances you have with the company’s corporate or social responsibilities.

Phone the Boots customer care phone number: 0345 070 8090 Store Number

This number is the equivalent of the high street store number but for enquiries about products bought or advertised, it can be used for customers to complain that a product has turned up late or not arrived atall.

Phone the Boots online store/ number: 0345 609 0055

General Switchboard Number

Phone the Boots General Switchboard for general enquiries or if you are not sure which department you need. Your call will be answered at the Boots Head Office in Nottinghamshire.

Call the Boots general switchboard, based at their headquarters in Nottinghamshire, on: 0115 950 6111

Boots Advantage Card Number

Like most High Street stores Boots run a loyalty card scheme. They offer four points for every pound you spend online or in store, which can be used to claim services or products once you have collected enough points.

Phone the Boots Advantage Card Number: 0345 124 4545

Boots Hearing Care Number

Many of the bigger Boots stores have a hearing service where you can get your hearing tested and, if a problem is found, obtain expert advice on suitable hearing aids or medical treatments that are available.

Phone Boots Hearing Care on: 0345 485 1800

Store and Pharmacy Enquiries Number

Find out if your local store has a certain product in stock or speak to a member of the pharmancy team about a repeat prescription or availablity of certain drugs by phoning the number, below:

Phone the Store and Pharmacy Enquiries number: 0345 070 8090

Health and Healthcare Enquiries Number

This is a general enquiries number for enquiries relating to baby services, in-store sexual health clinics, hearing care, baby services and the safe use of vitamins and minerals.

Phone the Health and Healthcare enquiries number: 0207 025 6657

Brands number

For enquires about Boots cosmetic brands like No7, Seventeen and natural collection phone the general brands number below. Alternatively you can email the individual brand on one of the folowing email addresses:;;

Phone the Boots brands team on: 0207 025 6677

Beauty and Lifestyle Enquiries Number

For informastion on Boots’ lifestyle range, including seasonal wear like the Christmas or Summer collections, phone the number below.

Boots Beauty and Lifestyle enquiries number: 0207 025 6677

Media and Advertising Enquiries

Speak to a member of the media team by phoning: 0203 023 0500

Boots Opticians

Locate your nearest Boots Opticians using our branch locator, below. We provide comprehensive Telephone contact details for each featured Boots opticians.

Boots Opticians Locator