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Contact Identibase on 01904 487600

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Identibase (formerly Anibase)  are a pet microchip registry holding the details of over 5 million pets. If you own a dog that needs a microchip or you need to contact Identibase to inform them of a change of ownership or details for a microchipped dog, then you have a number of avenues with which to pursue your query:

  1. contact Identibase via their customer services phone number 01904 487600.
  2. Fax Identibase via the Identibase Fax number 01904 487636.
  3. Complete their online contact form.

Microchipping your dog became compulsory by UK law in April 2016. As a government approved dog microchip registry, Identibase reported receiving 1,100 calls a day in the wake of this change in the law. Importantly, they reported receiving this high volume of calls without a drop in service levels to their main customer services phone number.

A note on phone charges

If you call Identibase via 01904 487600, then you will be dialling the geographic number for their base in Dunnington, North Yorkshire. Call charges for landlines to this number should therefore cost up to 13p. Mobile phone calls to this number should cost from 3 to 55p according to the GOV.UK website. However, these are only approximate figures and actual rates may vary depending on your particular phone provider. If you have any further problems with phone charges to this number you can also contact Ofcom via the link in this text.


Reasons to phone Identibase

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Whether your dog is already microchipped, or you are considering microchipping for a dog or any other animal, the following scenarios necessitate contact with your pet microchip registry. These include:

  • Providing your Vet code in order to obtain your microchip password.
  • Registering your pet’s microchip.
  • Obtaining your Vet Code if you don’t know it already.
  • Updating your contact details, especially your address.
  • Notifying the database of a change of ownership.
  • Notifying the registry of a missing or stolen pet.

You can call Identibase on 01904 487600 in all of the above situations to speak to one of their advisors.

The list of scenarios above applies to you whether your pet is on Identibase or any other pet microchip database.

How to Register a Microchipped Pet with Identibase

Once you have gone to the trouble of microchipping your dog or any other beloved pet, the fastest way to register its details accurately using the Identibase Registration Form linked here.

Your vet or implanter will give you a form to complete and send in a specially provided envelope to Identibase via the address below: Identibase®, PO Box 33, York, YO19 5YW. Registration by post alone is naturally slower than via the online form.

To complete the form, you will require all of the following information:

  • microchip number
  • vet code
  • your details:
    • full name and title
    • post code and address
    • primary telephone number
    • any secondary telephone numbers
    • email address
  • your pet’s name
  • Its species and breed
  • your pet’s sex (if known)
  • whether it is neutered or not
  • your pet’s date of birth
  • the date your pet was microchipped
  • Any colours and markings
  • conditions suffered by your pet e.g. epilepsy or diabetes

Once completed, you must keep your details up-to-date. To update your detail with Identibase go to their documents page and select the relevant form for you.

For example, you can complete and post the form linked in this text to update your contact details. You can notify Identibase of a change of keepership using this link. You can also register a microchip that implanted outside the UK sign the form linked in this text.

Useful Information on the Identibase website

Go to the Identibase website for more information on microchipping your pet and the process involved.

Alternatively, if you have the microchip number for your dog but are unsure which database it belongs to, then you can use the ‘chip checker’ featured at the bottom of their contact page to check a microchip.

Dog microchip and reunification service.

The enhanced pet reunification service by Identibase. Image via


You can also find out more about what to do if you have lost your pet on their lost and found page. Here, they also outline the benefits of upgrading to Identibase Premium in order to be able to use their Identifind enhanced pet reunification service. More information on this can be found via this link.

You can find our more about the Identifind service on the Identichip website.

Identibase Email Address and alternative contact methods

As previously, mentioned the Identibase website has a useful contact form in which you can put your microchipping and other related questions. However, if you prefer email, then you can email Identibase via

Identibase also have a Facebook page where you can message them directly. At the time of writing, their response time is quoted as typically “within an hour”.

You can also contact Identibase via their Twitter account.


If you have already contacted Identibase via telephone, social media or any other means, then you can learn more about what they do with your information via their Privacy Policy in this link.

Who are Identibase?

Identibase, previously known as Anibase, is a microchip registry for animals using Identichip technology. Identibase and Identichip are subsidiaries of the Animalcare Group.

Animalcare Group are a public limited company with headquarters in North Yorkshire. The company specialises in veterinary pharmaceuticals, veterinary orthopaedic equipment, identification products and additional animal health care products.  It was originally formed in 1972.

To contact Animalcare general enquiries, call +44 (0) 1904 487687.

Their postal address is:

Unit 7,
10 Great North Way,
York Business Park,
YO26 6RB

As a public limited company, their company  shares are available to buy via their stock code ANCR.


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