Anibase (Identibase) contact number: 01904 487600

Contact Anibase (Identibase) on 01904 487600

Are you a pet owner who fears the loss of a beloved pet? Do you own a dog that needs a microchip in order to comply with the recent change in UK law? Perhaps you have already had your pet microchipped, but your circumstances have changed. Contact Anibase, one of the UK’s leading pet databases, on the Anibase contact number 01904 487600 if any of these apply to you.

Anibase, also known as Identibase, is a UK government approved animal microchip database and major provider of this service. Their main telephone contact number is 01904 487600. In fact, in the aftermath of compulsory microchipping legislation this number received approximately 1,100 calls a day with no drop in service levels.

Anibase are also contactable via fax on  01904 487636.

Reasons to phone Anibase

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As a pet owner, it is important to remember the many situations in which you will need to contact your pet microchip provider or database company. This applies to you whether your pet is on Anibase/Identibase or any other pet microchip database. These include:

  • Providing your Vet code in order to obtain your microchip password.
  • Registering your pet’s microchip.
  • Obtaining your Vet Code if you don’t know it already.
  • Updating your contact details, especially your address.
  • Notifying the database of a change of ownership.
  • Any other queries.

You can call 01904 487600, the Anibase contact number, in all of the above situations and they will assist you.

Anibase Email Address and Online contact form

If you prefer email and online means of communication to telephone contact, then you can email Anibase via

Their website also has a useful contact form in which you can put your microchipping and other related questions.

Who are Anibase?

Anibase is now known as Identibase and uses Identichip technology. The Anibase website now automatically redirects you In other words, Anibase are now Identibase. Both companies (including Identichip) are subsidiaries of the Animalcare Group.

Animalcare Group are a public limited company with headquarters in North Yorkshire. The company specialises in veterinary pharmaceuticals, veterinary orthopaedic equipment, identification products and additional animal health care products.  It was originally formed in 1972.

To contact Animalcare general enquiries, call +44 (0) 1904 487687.

Their address is:

Unit 7,
10 Great North Way,
York Business Park,
YO26 6RB

As a public limited company, their company  shares are available to buy via their stock code ANCR.