Huffington Post

Contact the Huffington Post’s UK Head Office on 020 7092 2000 to give a news scoop, complain about an article, or report a community issue.

The Huffington Post are a left wing, Pulitzer Prize-winning American online news portal, advertising agency and political commentating blog forum. They are owned by the tech giants AOL, a branch of Verizon. They also have a UK branch of their popular websites which provides commentary on the political comings and goings of the day.

Contact Numbers

You can contact the UK branch of the Huffington Post by telephone on 020 7092 2000 if you have a story that you feel they would like to report on, or to report a story that you feel breaches press standards. They are ultimately owned by AOL who you can contact by phone on 0808 234 9279.

If you feel your complaint to the Huffington Post has not been dealt with satisfactorily you can contact the Press Complaints Commission on: 020 7831 0022.