AOL’s 0808 234 9279 customer service number is an all purpose contact that can be used to complain about a problem with your email – such as forgetting your username or password – report problems with your McAfee or SuperAntiSpyware software, or to request information about their company.

However, they do have several other telephone numbers and communication methods all of which we will summarise on the page below.

A Brief History

AOL Inc, or AOL as they are more commonly referred to began trading as America Online in 1983 with just one product. This product was a modem which owners of the Atari 2600 could buy for $49.95 in return they were able to access online games and save scores. They continued providing a similiar service through much of the 80s making online gaming for the Commodore 64 and even early Apple Macs. The company may have missed a trick when they turned their attention elsewhere in the early 90s as Microsoft. Sony and now Nintendo now offer more sophisticasted versions based on the same principle – an example is the new Playstation Plus subscription plan penclilled in for release in March 2017.

However, AOL probably does not regret their change in focus, which dominated much of their trade in the 90s as they became the most recogniseable brand on the web by the middle of that decade due to their dial up internet service, email accounts and instant messaging. This status was short lived due to the replacement of dial up with broadband and competition from email providers such as Microsoft. In response to falling revenues AOL began to buy media outlets and communication brands, the most impressive of which was their acquisition of Time Warner in 1999.

This merger was shot lived with Time Warner becoming an independent company again in 2009. In contrast AOL would be taken over themselves in 2015 by Verizon, a wirelesss telecommunications amd mobile phone company. Under this umbrella AOL would purchase several high profile news outlets and advertising agencies including: Huffington Post, Mapquest, Moviephone and Techcrunch. They also have a number of tech and mobile phone products and apps on the market including:

  • SUPERAntiSpyware
  • McAfee
  • Aim – a mobile messaging service
  • Aol Shield – providing sevurity for desktop users
  • Alto – an app that helps you to use yout email on a mobile phone device
  • AOL Mobile
  • Firefox for AOL
  • AOL Broadband


Customer Service Contact Number

Aol’s Main customer service contact number is 0808 234 9279. All calls to an 0808 number are freephone, whether you are calling from a landline telephone or a mobile phone, if you are unsure about this you can call your mobile phone provider or check the regulations on the OFCOM website.

This customer service number is manned between 8am and midnight, 7 days a week. 

One of the most common reasons to phone the AOL is to seek support when logged out of an email address due to forgetting a password or account ID. Customers who neglect to log in to their email account for three months will have their email account disabled, however this situation can be rectified by phoning the AOL customer service number, above.

AOL Customer Service – Alternative Contact Methods

  • @AOL / @AOLSupportHelp – Twitter is a common method of communication for airing grievances at products and hastening a resolution of customers service complaints
  • AOL Facebook – Aol run a populare Facebook page with over 1.5 million likes. Customers can use Facebook to comment on or complain about AOL products.
  • Email – Customers with an AOL email account can contact a customer service representative via email.
  • Website – Customers who believe their accounts may have been hacked should put in a report on:

Postal Address
If you wish to contact AOL by snail mail then you can write to them at the following address. This address is the address of the Head office and can also be used for complaints.

AOL Complaints Department,
Shropshire House,
11-20 Capper Street,
United Kingdom.

Head Office Contact Number

The AOL Head Office, located in Shropshire House London, can be contacted during normal office hours by phone on 0207 492 1000. This number can be used to log a compaint if you are unsatisfied with any AOL products or services including: AOL email, Computer Checkup, AOL Mobile, Firefox for AOL, or SUPERAntiSpyware.

Contact the AOL Head Office on 0207 492 1000