CeX Contact Numbers

Trying to find a working contact telephone number for CeX is like trying to find light in a black hole – Frustrating, fruitless, unsuccessful.

CeX do not mention numbers on their website other than to inform customers that all their telephone numbers are for internal use only and are not provided to customers. This is poor considering that the company sells games online and has a delivery service. The only explanation we can think of is that CeX avoid giving numbers for fear that their already busy staff will be inundated with stock enquiries and that they believe their online enquiries service, provided by WeCare, adequately caters for all general customer service enquiries.

CeX are a high street and online retail company specialising in second hand games, phones and other electrical equipment. Customers can buy, sell or exchange games in-store using cash or a bank card.

CeX Brand

CeX are a franchise chain of game and electrical equipment retal stores that with the first store being founded on the Tottenham Court Road in 1992. There headquarters are in Watford. Despite 352 stores around the country some people frown on the CeX chain and they have not developed a presence on the main high street in many of the major cities in the UK. However they have a big presence when you move outside the major shopping hubs. For example in Birmingham CeX have 5 stores within a 5 mile radius of the town centre. The stores all have a familiar red facade, sporting their modern looking logo. The stores always seem busy and the queues can be off-putting for many people.

Cex Shop

CeX Products

Although most famous for selling games consoles and games, cex stores have a wide array of electrical products in-store. All of these products are second have and you can often find a large queue in high street stores with people looking to sell a game, a console or a phone to CeX. After CeX have bough a product it is usually then displayed in the store. Most CeX shops have glass cabinets around the internal walls where you can see the more expensive products like iPhones, mobile phone, tablets, and games consoles such as the Xbox One, Playstations and Wii’s. Around them will also be a selection of controllers, for example the last time I went to CeX there was a selection of Wii U controllers, all second hand but reasonably priced.

However the best reason to go to CeX is the selection of games that you can find on shelves in the middle of their stores, arranged by console. For example you will find a section of shelving stocked with a huge array of second hand Xbox 360 games, some of which you can buy for as little as a pound. The same is tru for other consoles like the Playstation series and the Xbox One. Most of these items can also be found on the online store. Because CeX do ot provide a telephone contact number you will have to go into one of their store to check stock availability or alternatively you can check their products on their website.

CeX Online

In order to buy from or sell to CeX online you will have to sign up for CeX membership on their WeBuy website, providing proof of I.D and proff of UK address. Once you have a membership you will be able to buy and sell goods online using a nominated bank account, a bit like eBay.

CeX Buy

CeX typically sell goods for about twice the price that they buy them for, an example is a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 which they are selling for £205 and buying for £96, on the 22/04/2017. Once you have set up your account online buying from CeX online is fairly easy; just go to the CeX website and do a search for the product you want. Once you have found it you can add the item to your basket and then go through to the payment screen. CeX will then deliver your product to your home in a few days. Although for registered customers there is delivery tracking on items sold online CeX do not provide customers with a telephone customer service number, this makes it very difficult for you to chase up items which fail to be deliverd or arrive in less that perfect condition. In the event that you are not happy with a product purchased on the CeX website you can either visit one of their stores to request a refund or contact the support team by filling in the form on the webpage provided here: CeX Support Page.

CeX Sell

Customers registered with CeX also have the option of selling a game to CeX using the WeBuy website – the process is almost identical to the way you buy a game. Search for the game two buttons will appear under it: ‘I want to buy this item’ – in green, and ‘I want to sell this item’ – in red. To sell to CeX simply press the green button and it will add the item to your basket. When you have finished adding the products you wish to sell go to the basket and CeX will register the transaction for you. Then you will need to post your product to CeX. When CeX have recieved the item and it has been checked they will automatically clear the funds to your bank account – job done. However occasionally the transaction does not quite work as smoothly as this and you may need to contact CeX to ask why a transaction hasn’t gone through. You can do this using the CeX support page (a link is provided at the end of the CeX buy section).

CeX Customer Service

As discussed previously on this page CeX do not provide a contact number on their website, however their are other mean of communication open to you for getting in contact with CeX. These include the feedback form located on their website and also CeX’s various social media accounts. You may also write to CeX using their postal address in Watford. Below is a summary of the various contact methods available for CeX customers.

CeX email: wecare@webuy.com
CeX Support Page: https://uk.webuy.com/support/
CeX Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/CeX/
CeX Twitter: @CeX
CeX Postal Address: CeX Ltd, Unit A, Greycaines House, 21 Greycaines Road, Watford, WD24 7GP

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