Amul Dairy Contact Number

The Amul Dairy head office contact number is 02692 258 506. Customers calling from abroad will need to add the +91 India access code and drop the zero from the Anand STD access code, making the number +91 2692 258506. A free alternative to the head office contact number is their toll free number which is 1800 258 3333. Be aware that this number is only free if the call is made in India.


Amul Dairy Contacts

Department Number Email
Customer Care 1800 258 3333 customercare@

02692 240072
Head Office 02692 258506


Amul Milk Head Office Contact Number

They are a milk and dairy produce manufacturer hailing from Anand in the western state of Gujurat in India. Therefore their head office number is prefixed by the local five digit Anand STD code of  02692. The full Anul Milk head office contact number is +91 (0) 2692 258506. If you want to contact Amul Milk regarding a coprporate query then you can also use their corporate email:


Amul Milk Customer Care Number

Amul Milk’s customer care helpline number is 1800 258 3333. This freephone number can be dialled free of charge in India. Alternatively you can also connect with Amul Dairy using their customer care online feedback form

A third option for connecting with the Amul Milk customer care team is to email them on

All three of the above options will take you through to a member of the customer service team. If none of these methods of contact prove fruitful you can try phoning the Amul Dairy head office contact number on 02692 258 506.


Amul Milk Franchise Contact Number

Unfortunately Amul Dairy do not provide telephone contact details for parties interested in taking up franchise opportunities. If you would like some information about these opportunities then you can contact Amul Milk by email at:

If you would like to make an application for a franchise with Amul Milk then you can do so using their online application form.



Amul Milk Exports

If you would like to speak to Amul Dairy about the possibility of distributing their products in your country then you can phone them on +91 (0) 2692 240072. Alternatively you can email the exports team on



Amul Milk Company Address

Amul dairy can be contacted by snail mail at the following postal address:

Gujurat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation

PO Box 10

Amul Dairy Road

Anand 388 001



You can also connect with Amul Dairy using their customer care online feedback form