Anand STD Code: 02692

The STD access code for the Gujurati city of Anand is 02692. If calling from outside India you will need to drop the zero and replace it with the India access code of +91.

Anand is most famous for being the home of the Indian milk industry. Anyone who has stayed at an India hotel will be familiar with the Amul sachets of powdered milk. Amul are from Anand and they still have their headquarters in the city.

Anand STD Code – 02692

An example of the Anand STD code in use is in the number for the Amul dairy company mentioned above. Their number is prefixed with the Anand STD access code 02692. The full number is 02692 240208. Meanwhile for callers from abroad the number is +91 2692 240208. 

While tier 1 cities have three digits and tier two four digits, Anand is classed as a tier three city, and therefore five digits in the STD code. Basically the lower the classification of the city the longer the STD code.