Amritsar Code

The Amritsar telephone code number, or STD, is 0183. This is the telephone access code for making calls to this Punjabi city located in north-west India. Any telephone calls to a landline in the city of Amritsar will be preceded by this number.

The Golden Temple, Amritsar

Amritsar Code number – within India

If you are making a phone call to a landline in Amritsar within India then the code number you will have tom dial is 0183. All indian phone numbers, including mobiles and landlines are ten or eleven digits long. A case in point is the number for the information officer at the Golden Temple; perhaps Amritsar’s stand out tourist attraction. The number is 0183 255 3957. The 0183 part of the number represents the STD access code for Amritsar and is followed by the unique number for the Sikh shrine.

Amritsar Code Number – calls from outside India

If calling Amritsar from outside of India drop the 0 from the city code but be sure to include the international dialling code of +91. This means a call to the Golden Temple from outside of India would be +91 183 255 3957.

Amritsar STD Code – 0183

Telephone code numbers for Indian cities or regions are also called STD codes. Therefore the STD code for Amritsar is 0183.