Golden Temple Phone Number

Be aware that the staff who operate the phone lines at the Golden Temple do not speak English, so unless you speak Hindi you will not get very far. The main phone number for the Golden Temple is +91 183 255 3957. If calling from within India then dial 0183, which is the local code for Amritsar, followed by 255 3957.

Use this number to report an item of lost property if you lose something during your visit to the Golden Temple.

You will need to phone within the office times which are 9.30 am to 4.30 pm.


The Golden Temple Amritsar


Golden Temple Information Number

Again this number is manned by a member of staff who does not speak English, so you will need someone to translate if you don’t speak Hindi. This is the Golden Temple’s information number which you can use to find out about upcoming events, festivals and other matters. . Be aware that this phone number can not be used for booking a hotel room for your stay, The information office is called Sri Darbar Sahib.



Golden Temple Address and Regulations

Entrance to the Golden Temple is free of charge. Be aware that you will need to remove your footwear before entering the temple. This is standard practice in most places of worship in India. You will be able to find a cloakroom either side of the entrance where you will be able to safely leave your shoes free of charge. You will also need to wear a scarf to cover your head when you enter, If you don’t have a scarf with you you will be required to wear one of the bandanas that are provided.



Golden Temple Email Address

The email address for the Golden Temple is Use this address to find out information prior to your visit. For example if you plan to stay a night or two within the Golden Temple grounds then you may want to email in advance to check the temple regulations. 



Golden Temple Complaints Phone Number

If you would like to report a complaint about something that happened during your stay at the Golden Temple then phone the complaints line on 0183 255 3950. That number from the UK including the +91 India Dialling code is: +91 183 255 3950.