Zhongshan Okay Plastics & Electronic Co: +86 760 23618035

There are four main contact t methods for getting in touch with Zhongshan OK plastics and Electronic Co. 

  • phone +86 760 23618035
  • email sales3@okaypec.com
  • speak to a member of staff who speaks English by using the number: +86 760 86689712
  • Use the enquiry form on their website : Zhongshan OK

Zhongshan OK are a Chinese manufacturer and exporter. Their products range from beauty products tom injection moulds for the automative industry. They sell their beauty products to countries such as Japan, Russia, South Korea and Malaysia. They also export to a range of European customers. 

Every single one of their products for exports goes through a rigorous testing process including ageing test to check that it works and is ready to be sold.

Zhongshan OK Beauty Products Sales -+86 760 23618035

If looking to purchase from Zhongshan OK Plastics and Electronic Co. you can do so from their Alibaba page. Or you can connect with them by emailing sales3@okaypec.com. a member of their customer service team will reply to your email within 24 hours. You can also get a quote over the phone on +86 760 23618035.

Both these contact methods are suitable for retailers or distributors. If you are looking to get your own branding and packaging for your retail outlet you can phone this number to personalise your products,

Zhongshan OK Plastics & Electronic Co. Beauty Products

One of the most popular products produced by Zhongshan OK Beauty are handheld mist sprayers, which can keep your skin moist even during the summer. Another sought after product are their facial steamers which clear the pores. Their skin cleansing brush also helps keep their customers faces young and fresh.

They also sell hydrogen-enriched water containers, which can neutralise oxygen free radicals in our body.

Contact Zhongshan OK Plastics on +86 760 23618035 to find out more.