Zhejiang Chuangrun Toys: +86 (0) 571 88250857

Zhejiang Chuangrun Toys Co. Ltd 浙江创润玩具有公司 are a Chinese toy manufacturer from Hangzhou in the Zhejiang Province.

You can contact Zhejiang Chuangrun Toys by telephone using the number +86 0571 88250857.

The trading name including the logo on their products reads Onshine. They produce a wide range of educational toys including puzzles, games, magnetic tiles and building blocks.

One of Onshine’s most popular products are water pipe plug building blocks. These are pipes which children can fit together to build shapes and cars, houses etc. They can also use these pipe plugs with water to learn about plumbing.

Zhejiang Chuangrun Toys Co. LTD Address

The Address of Zhejiang Chuangrun Toys Co. LTD is:

714-716 Building 17 Singapore Science Park

Jianggan District


Zhejiang Province