Xuanlong textiles contact: +86 (0) 595 82927773

Contact Xuanlong Textiles by telephone on +86 (0) 595 82927773, or email fusheng.xc@163.com to enquire about their range of fabrics including 3D Fly knit, elastic fabric, warp knitting, clothing fabric and net cloth.

About Quanzhou Xuanlong Textiles

Quanzhou Xuanlong Textile Science and Technology Co. Ltd have their offices and factory in Located in Jinjiang City 晋江市, which is one of the 11 districts that make up the city of Quanzhou in Fujian. The company manufacture a huge range of fabrics suitable suitable for export for use in clothing. 

One of Xuanlong Textiles most popular types of textiles are their range of 3D Fly Knit. These come in a range of textures and colours, of which you can find out more on the Xuanlong Textiles website. Other products include warp knitting and Terry fabric. If you would like more information about importing fabrics from China or would like to know more about product specifications then phone Xuanlong Textiles on +86 (0) 595 82927773, or email fusheng.xc@163.com.