Xinjiang Regional Museum – +86 (0) 991 455 2826

the Xinjiang Museum

Phone 0991 455 2826 to speak to a member of staff on the reception desk at the Xinjiang Regional Museum on Xibei road in Urumqi town centre, China. Or if you are calling from outside China dial +86 991 455 2826.

The Xinjiang Regional Museum

The Xinjiang regional museum showcases the lives and ancient culture of the people of Xinjiang. Artefacts in the museum include pottery, clothing, stone carvings and earthenware. There are also displays of scenes from the lives of early civilisation in bronze-age Xinjiang.

The Mummy Room at Xinjiang Museum

The Mummy Room at Xinjiang Museum displays mummies, some over three thousand years old. They are also called the Tarim Mummies, because of their discovery in the Tarim Basin in what is now Xinjiang. The most recent mummy to be found was the infamous Loulan Beauty seen pictured, below.

Display of Loulan Beauty

The Mummy seen below is known as the Qiemo Female Mummy, her braids and facial tattoos are clearly visible.

Qiemo Female Mummy at Xinjiang Museum

Many of the Mummies are still wearing the clothes or cloaks that they were buried in.

a Mummy at Xinjiang Museum


The Tattoos on the face of this male Mummy are clearly visible.

Male Mummy at Xinjiang Museum

Xinjiang Museum Pottery

The Xinjiang Regional Museum is also a treasure trove of ancient pottery, statues, and sculptures.

The pottery examples below were unearthed at the Tianshan Beilu burial site – 天山北路。 These items date from the periuod when China was exporting Millet to the West, via the millet Road.

Pottery at the Xinjiang Museum in Urumqi


Pottery at the Xinjiang Regional Museum

The example above is a pot with belt and round dots pattern, dating from between 420-489 AD.


The province of Xinjiang is full of history resonating from the transport of products and people through its corridors.  Walking through it’s dusty towns you will come across all sorts of interesting historical figures, examples are provided below:

Xinjiang Regional Museum Statue



Statue at Xinjiang Regional Museum