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Contact Wujiang Youtong Textile Company by phone on the number +86 (0) 512 63088910, or fill in the contact page on the company website

If you are looking for a Chinese company that provides protective clothing and industrial grade overalls then consider the products manufactured by Wujiang Youtong Textile Company. Wujiang Youtong manufacture overalls for the emergency services, suitable for police, fire and ambulance. Other designs are suitable for use by military services such as the army or navy. They also make overalls for use in factories. Customers can send their own designs for production or choose from among the ready-designed products on the company website.

Wujiang Youtong products

Wujiang Youtong offer a range of PPE clothing suitable for use in challenging work environments. Customers can choose uniforms with anti-static, radiation protection, acid-alkali restistant and or oil-water repellant. 

In order to make a purchase of PPE clothing from Wujiang Youtong textile company you will first need to decide the purpose of the clothing that you require. For example if you need fire-retardant clothing for emergency services then you can specify this when you contact the company here: contact Wuijiang Youtong. If choosing overalls for a factory you can also request this on the contact form.