Wizz Air Phone Number: 0330 977 0444

⚠️ Wizz Air advertise a premium rate number on their Twitter handle. Do not phone any number beginning with 09. Instead phone Wizz Air on their customer service line beginning 0330 ⚠️ 

Contact the Wizz Air UK customer service team on 0330 977 0444 for booking enquiries, to request a refund or to make a complaint. 

Wizz Air Free Phone Number – 0330 977 0444

The Wizz air customer service number in the UK has been the subject of much confusion due to its lack of prominence on the company website. Wizz air use a local rate 03 phone number which will be free to call for many mobile users. If it is not included as part of your mobile phone package you will be charged the same as a call to a 01 or 02 local rate number. 

This Wizz Air phone number is in place to help customers manage their bookings, and to get flight information. It can also be used to request an investigation and refund/compensation if you are left stranded due to a scheduled flight not taking place. 

This number can also be used to manage group bookings. For example, if you need to cancel a flight for a member of your group due to circumstances such as illness or a change in work or personal circumstances.