Voi Phone Number: 0800 376 8179

Report an inappropriately parked or damaged Voi in Birmingham, or other city that hosts these scooters by phoning the Voi freephone number 0800 376 8179. This number is also a customer support number for people who experience a difficulty with their scooter during a Voi rental.

Voi Contact Number – 0800 376 8179

In recent years Voi Scooters have become a common sight in cities across the UK such as Birmingham, Liverpool and Bristol. Residents can get around these cities by hiring a Voi scooter using an app that they can download on their mobile phone. This gives them the ability to hop on a Voi scooter, scan their app and then scoot away. Once done the rider simply has to re-scan their app and their rental time closes. If you run into any difficulties with your scooter during a rental then phone the Voi customer service number 0800 376 8179.

Voi riders are expected to park up their scooter appropriately after their rental period. However, not every Voi rider acts responsibly when they leave their scooter. If you come across a Voi scooter that is blocking a pavement or is parked dangerously then you can report it to the Voi customer service team by using their free-to-phone contact number 0800 376 8179. You can also contact Voi by email using the address; support@voiapp.io