Valbury Capital: 0800 122 3150

Contact Valbury Capital on 0800 122 3150 to discuss an investment opportunity, or for enquiries about an existing trading account. 

Alternatively, if you are a new customer looking to open a trading account with Valbury Capital phone 0800 122 3160.

Valbury Capital also run their own online trading platforms. If you require technical assistance regarding one of these accounts then phone Valbury Capital on 0203 510 0357.

Email UK Number From Abroad
General Enquiries

0203 507 1610 +44 203 507 1610
New Accounts

0800 122 3160 +44 800 122 3160
Existing Accounts    

0800 122 3150   +44 800 122 3150
 Technical Support    

 0203 510 0357  +44 203 510 0357

Valbury Capital – 0203 507 1610

Although in the UK Valbury Capital are managed independently they are owned by P.T Valbury Securitas Indonesia and, as such, are part of Valbury Asia Group, an Indonesian finance and investment group.

Due to their Indonesian background they provide a safe and reliable platform for European investors to access Asian markets. They trade in products such as gold and other precious metals from around the world.  You can also purchase stocks in commodities, for example gas or electricity. 

As an FCA regulated broker Valbury Capital are licensed to trade in stocks on behalf of UK and international investors. Valbury Capital are also one of the few trading groups that are endorsed by the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management, headed by Anton Kriel.

However, potential and customers should be aware that the company plan to leave the UK market over the next few months. If you are a corporate or private customer and are concerned about how the move away from the UK will impact your investments then phone Valbury on 0800 122 3150.