Urumqi Party Secretary Phone Number: 13899811033

Phone the Party Secretary of Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang on 13899811033. His name is 徐海荣 and he recently shared his personal mobile phone number so he could reach out to help people during the Coronavirus lockdown in Urumqi

Party Secretary of Urumqi Phone Number 

徐海荣 is the city of Urumqi’s top ranking official. Therefore if you are a resident of Urumqi and need direct support during the Coronavirus pandemic then contact him on 13899811033. Journalists can also use this phone number if they would like an update concerning the effects of lockdown and Coronavirus on the city.


The Communist Party of China Government Secretary published his phone number online in order to provide a means of direct support for citizens of Urumqi to report difficulties during lockdown. 徐海荣 hoped that this direct means of communication will be able to speed up the process of getting support for people whose lives are disrupted or put at risk by lockdown measures in Xinjiang. This is part of a wider campaign to successfully thwart the spread of Covid-19 across the country. The epidemic is a threat to everyone in Xinjiang and by sharing their number the Government secretary of Urumqi hopes to show a united front in this fight.