United Airlines Phone Number: 0207 136 0582

*In the UK United Airlines operate an 0845 premium-rate telephone number. Callers to this line will be charged at a rate of up to 72 pence a minute. Where possible avoid this number, instead use the United Airlines contact number that we feature on this page*

In the United Kingdom the United Airlines telephone number is 0207 136 0582. Use this number to make a reservation or complaint, to change your itinerary, or for accessibility requests.


United Airlines Reservations Number – 0207 136 0582

If you are in the United Kingdom and would like to make an extra United Airlines reservation then phone them on 0207 136 0582. This number can also be used to add extra luggage to an existing reservation. Lines are open between 8 am and 10 pm daily.


United Airlines Special Assistance Phone Number – 0207 136 0582

United Airlines customers who have a special assistance request should phone the airline on 0207 136 0582. For example if you would like to contact United Airlines about a wheelchair reservation you should phone this number. You can also phone 0207 136 0582 and make a request to be put through to the accessibility desk if you need to organise an assisted transfer in the UK.


United Airlines Baggage Handling – 0207 136 0582

For enquiries related to luggage contact United Airlines customer care on 0207 136 0582 and ask to be put through to baggage handling. For example if a piece of luggage is delayed or lost you can phone this number to try and track it down. If your luggage is lost by United Airlines you can use the baggage handling number to make a complaint and to seek reimbursement.