Twinkl Phone Number: +44 (0) 114 303 2951

Phone the Twinkl telephone number 0114 303 2951 to speak to a customer service representative about how they can help your child to continue their learning outside of school hours. If calling from abroad you will need to omit the ‘0’ from the local dialling code, replacing it with the UK access code: +44 114 303 2951.


Twinkl is a UK website that offers resources that support the learning objectives of each of the key stages in the National Curriculum. They also have plenty of resources pitched towards pre-school and elementary levels. Parents can download these resources and use them to help support and reinforce learning done in school. Most of the resources are designed by qualified school teachers in the UK.

During the 2020 lockdown many parents in the UK are using their resources to help make a home-schooling curriculum for their children.Although usually there is a subscription fee , in response to school closures Twinkl have made many of their resources free to access and download. Many of these resources are based on popular TV programs from the BBC.

Twinkl also have materials that cover the curriculums of other countries such as Ireland, Germany and Spain. As well as this they have resources available for teachers of Mandarin Chinese. If you are a teacher living abroad and you would like to contact Twinkl by telephone then dial +44 114 303 2951.

If you have any queries about how Twinkl can support your child’s learning then phone them on 0114 303 2951. Members can also dial the Twinkl phone number in case of difficulties accessing an account. The Twinkl Customer Service team work 365 days a year, providing help with using their website and support in matching learning resources to your child’s learning needs.

Twinkl Email Contact

Subscribers and members of the public can also contact Twinkl by email on

If you are looking to purchase membership to Twinkl for a school or other educational setting then you should contact Twinkl by email on

Press and Media Phone Number – 0114 360 0225

Members of the media can contact Twinkl by telephone on 0114 360 0225. This number is manned by their PR team who can also be contact by emailing: