Travelodge London Central City Road telephone number: 020 3195 4525

Contact London City Road Travelodge via 020 3195 4525 to speak to a member of staff about facilities at the hotel or to make a special request concerning your stay.

You can also use this number to speak to a member of the team for advice on opening hours and amenities in the area. Unfortunately the Travelodge City Road phone number can not be used to make a booking. If you would like to make a booking over the phone then use the number below.

Travelodge Free Number for Bookings – 0800 408 0797

Avoid the 0871 premium rate number that is advertised for bookings on the Travelodge website. Instead you should use the free 0800 number: 0800 408 0797. This number can be used to make or amend a booking.