Travelodge Birmingham Bullring contact number: 0800 640 3481

This page features 0800 free-to-phone telephone numbers to ensure your trip to Birmingham Bullring does not incur excessive premium rate phone charges.

Birmingham Bullring Reception 0800 640 3481

The phone number for the reception team at Travelodge Birmingham Bullring is 0800 640 3481. Use this free to phone number instead of the 0871 premium rate number that is advertised on the Travelodge website.

Phone Travelodge Birmingham Bullring ahead of your stay to make a request to ensure your stay is comfortable. For example you can use the number 0800 640 3481 to request an upgrade or extra amenities if you are bringing a young child on your trip. You can also use this number to find out about the hotel policy for example check in and check out times.

Travelodge Birmingham Bullring is located on Upper Dean Street opposite the indoor markets. It is a budget hotel that is right in the heart of the city and provides an affordable base for your trip to Brum.

Travelodge Booking Number – 0800 408 0797

Book your trip to the Birmingham Bullring Travelodge by telephone on 0800 408 0797.