Toyota: 0344 701 6202

Phone 0344 701 6202 to speak to a customer service representative at the Toyota Head Office in Epsom, regarding information about products, technical issues with your car and any other general enquiry.

Toyota: A Brief History And Description

With 10.2 million sales in 2014 Toyota are the largest car manufacturer in the world and the 13th biggest company in the world in terms of revenue. Yet Toyota did not even start life as a car manufacturer. In 1924 the founder of Toyota, Sakichi Toyoda, invented an automatic loom that stopped running when something went wrong in the machine. This invention increased productivity in cotton production and made the process more safe; a British company recognised these improvements and bought the patent for the machine in 1929. The funds generated from this sale were used by Sakichi Toyoda to begin the production of cars such as the A1 and G1 passenger cars and by 1937 the Toyota Motor company was born.

After WW2 the Toyota brand grew rapidly with new markets opened in the United states and Europe. To reflect their new position as a global company they opened manufactiuring plants in the US in the 1980s and also paired up with General Motors to launch New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. At the end of that decade Toyota would launch the Lexus model, a luxury car that remains one of their most iconic.

The Lexus

The Lexus

The other huge develeopment for Toyota in 1989 was the founding of Toyota Manufacturing UK (TMUK), manufacturing plants in Derbyshire and North Wales would go on to develop products for Toyota like the Avensis, Auris, Corolla and Carina in the 90s and 2000s.

In the last few years Toyota have become the biggest seller of electric vehicles, which has helped them retain their position as the world’s biggest car manufacturer in 2016.

Toyota Customer Service

Toyota GB PLC, the manufacturing branch of Toyota, and Toyota Finanical Services who deal with all aspects of insurance and financing are based in the same building in Epsom Surrey. The phone number for the Toyota headquarters is: 0344 701 6202

The Toyota Headquarters in Epsom, Surrey

The Toyota Headquarters in Epsom, Surrey

Contact Toyota on 0344 701 6202 to lodge a complaint, find out about certain products and for all general enquiries. Below we have arranged a selection of other contact numbers that you should know if you are the owner of a Toyota vehicle and have insurance or financing with Them.

Toyota Sales

If you wish to find the telephone contact details of your local Toyota dealership then you should visit the find your dealer section of the Toyota website. Type your post code into the Find Your Dealer search bar and you will be given full contact details of your local dealership including address and telephone number.

You can also find information such as whether your local dealership stocks a certain car and car specifications by phoning the Toyota Call Centre on 0845 275 5555. Phone this number to find out about the cars Toyota are releasing in 2017 such as the Toyota 4 Runner, the Prius Prime, the C-HR, the 2017 Toyota Corolla and the Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro.

If you are currently serving as a diplomat or are a member of the British forces you may be entitled to purchase your car without paying UK taxes. To find out if you qualify for thsi tax break on your new Toyota vehicle you should phone Toyota Tax Free Sales on: 01689 825 628.

Or, if you are a member of Her Majesty’s forces you can phone EMC Forces cars on 01323 739675.

When you purchase your car you may choose to take out an extended warranty, this can be done over the phone on 0330 100 3312


Toyota Finance Contact Number

Phone Toyota finance on 0370 8505533 to enquire about taking out a finance agreement to help you purchase your car. If you encounter difficulties meeting your payment schedule or you would like to discuss re-financing opetions then you should phone Toyota Finance on 0370 243 0804.

Technical Issues

As long as your car is under warranty you can phone 0344 701 6202 if you experience a minor technical difficulty with phone connectivity, My Toyota, or navigation; Toyota will gladly arrange to have your problem fixed at a locally approved dealership. Third parties such as mechanics can also phone this number to get information and advice about servicing and fixing a Toyota car under their care.


Last year Toyota had to recall over 73,000 cars in the UK due to safety issues concerning cracks in fuel emissions control unit. Letters were sent to the customers to inform them and they were advised to call the Toyota Recall number 0800 044 3720 to arrange for their car to be fixed or replaced. The recall line is open between 8.30am and 6pm Monday to Friday and between 9am and 1pm on Saturdays. You can also check if your Toyota vehicle needs to be recalled on the Recall Checker section of the company website.

Toyota Insurance

Toyota Finance offer a range of insurance options on your vehicle including: GAP which is full protection that will cover you in the event of your car being written off; and Smart Cover which offers protection in the event of minor damage like scratches, dents and cracks in windscreens.

GAP – Contact Toyota on 01454 270 200 to discuss taking out full protection on your car.
Smart Cover – call 0800 012 1830 to take out protection against minor damage to your car.

Phone the Toyota Motor Insurance team on 0345 293 9460 for an insurance quote, renewal, or to make a claim.

Toyota Roadside Assistance

Speak to a member of the Toyota Motor Insurance customer service team on 0345 293 9460 for a quote, renewal or to make a claim.

If you have been involved in an accident or your car has broken down you should phone Toyota Roadside Assistance on 0344 701 6201.

Toyota Manufacturing

Toyota have two manufacturing plants in the UK. Phone 01332 282121 for information regarding cars manufactured at the Burnaston, Derbyshire plant or the Deeside, North Wales plant or for enquiries about the Avensis and Auris sporting range.

Fleet Team and Toyota Business

If you would like to discuss the option of purchasing or hiring a batch of Toyota cars for the employees in your bsuiness then phone the Toyota Business and Fleet general enquiries number: 0344 701 6186.

Or, if you are already a customer or have a more specific enquiry and would like to speak to one of the Toyota Business management team then choose the appropriate number from the table below. Larger fleet sales and hire team (500 vehicles +) are managed by four team divided by region. Smaller fleet sales and hire are mangaged by 7 teams, again divided by region. Fonally we provide telephone contact details for national managements and public sector & Motability.


Team Region Name Contact Number
Fleet 500 Vehicles + Central Jake Miller 07713 214 411
Scotland North + NI Paul O’Connor 07764 249 745
South West Robert Bryand 07798 661 286
South East Stephen Craig 07899 066376
Fleet 25-500 Vehicles + West Midlands James Dunne 07788 913780
East Midlands + East Anglia Shane Bracken 07713 214418
West Jane O’Connell 07584 584487
South West Sarah Murphy 07788 914 892
South East/North Stephen Craig 07899 066376
South East/South David Stoole 07584 100329
North West Colette Mansell 07713 210796
National Contract Hire + Rental Manager National Steve Allenson 07788 914980
Public Sector & Motability National Alan Barrett 07799 687 527
National Management National Stuart Ferma 07901 528 482
Lee Giddings 01737 367 023
Jessica Hoole 01737 367023
Simon Calado 07787 560 128