Toproad Pins contact: +86 (0) 760 22557658

Are you looking to make a purchase of lapel pins, key-chains, souvenir and commemorative coins, or badges for import from China? If so you may decide to contact Toproad pins by telephone on +86 (0) 760 22557658, by emailing, or by requesting a free quote on the Toproad pins website.

If you would like to know more about Zhongshan Toproad pins Craft Co. Ltd, then check out the description video below:

Who are Toproad pins?

Based in Zhongshan City in Guangzhou, Toproad pins are a Chinese manufacturer of all things pins: lapel pins, badges, and hard enamel pins. You can also order customer medallions, club coins, or dog tags. Toproad Pins have performed work for various internationally recognised brands including Cocal-Cola, Disney and the NYPD.

Toproad have a huge factory in Zhongshan where they do their metalwork, die-casting and plating. This factory is stocked with 6 production lines, two of which are set aside for detailed bespoke work.

Design your own pins for 

Customers are invited to design their own work on badges lapel, lapel pins, or commemorative coins. To do this you can simply design your own badge and send the details over to Toproad Pins. Alternatively, you might decide you would like to commission the team to create a design for a badge, lapel pin or coin for your needs. Either the first step is to get in touch with Toproad Pins by emailing, or by filling in the contact us page on the company website.