The Time Machine Museum of Science Fiction: 01885 488329

Phone the team at the Time Machine Museum of Science Fiction on 01885 488329 to find out about their Star Wars, Doctor Who and Red Dwarf collections. You can also use the mobile number 07494 599927, or the email address for general enquiries or to find out about a specific exhibit, opening times or admission fees.

Although the Time Machine Sci-fi museum is not widely known of among members of the general public there are some references to it in popular culture. See the following video by British Comedian Stewart Lee for a mention:

The Time Machine Museum of Science Fiction is located in Bromyard, Hertfordshire. Entrance, for which adults pay £8, is via a telephone box just like the Tardis from Doctor Who. There is also a full-size Tardis inside the museum. 

If you are looking to find out more about the museum you can phone them on 01885 488329 in advance of your trip. Alternatively, you could check out the museum’s reviews on Trip Advisor. As of the 20/05/2020 the Museum has 99 reviews, if you get in their quick you could be the 100th.



The Time Machine Museum Address