The Terracotta Warriors Museum Contact: +86 (0) 29 813 99127

Phone the information desk on +86 (0) 29 813 99047 at the Terracotta Warriors museum in Xi’an for general enquiries, or 029 813 99127 for ticket enquiries.

If you want to contact the Qin Shi Huangdi museum from China you will need to use the local Xi’an access code of 029 followed by the number 813 99047. Callers from outside of China will need to dial +86 29 813 99047, replacing the ‘0’ from the code for Xi’an with the international code for China.

The name of the museum where the Terracotta Warriors are displayed was recently changed to Emperor Qin She Huang Di’s Mausoleum Site Museum. This is to honour Qin Shi Huang, who was the first Emperor of a united China. The Terracotta warriors were built to protect the Emperor in the afterlife.

There are a huge number of warriors spread out over a number of pits, you will also see terracotta horses and other figures. There is also a museum, a cinema and a visitor information centre.

Terracotta Warriors Museum entry fee

Pit 1 at the Terracotta Warriors Museum

The fee for entering the park is 120 yuan from December to February and 150 Yuan from March to November.

The museum is split into two parts: the main area, and Lishan Park. The main section houses the majority of the terracotta warriors and many people just visit this part. However, your ticket fee also includes a trip to Lishan Park, a couple of miles away. Your ticket will entitle you to free bus rides to and from Lishan Park.

The buses leave the main entrance to the museum and will drop you off at the front of Lishan Park. The Lishan park section of the Emperor Qin She Hunagdi Museum includes a tomb mound, burial tombs and two smaller pits. If you have any enquiries or need some help finding the bus during your trip then phone the Terracotta Warriors museum information desk on 029 813 99047. Or if you would like to book a guided tour of both sites phone the ticket office on 029 813 99127.

How to Get to get a bus to Emperor Qin Shi HuangDi’s  Mausoleum Site Museum – 029 813 99047

In Mandarin Chinese the name of the museum is 秦始皇帝陵博物馆。The museum is located in the Linyi district about 25 kilometres from Xi’an. Visitors can get the 306 tourist bus from outside the Fangzhicheng subway stop at the end of subway line 1. The price for a ticket is 5 yuan each way. The Terracotta Museum is about a 25 km bus ride away from FangZhiCheng and the ride will take about 25 minutes.

Or you can get a tourist bus number 915 or 916 from the eastern end of Xi’an Railway Station.

If you have any difficulties getting to the Terracotta Warriors Museum then phone the information desk on 029 813 99047.