The Sun Contact Number: 0207 782 4104

The Sun Newspaper offer rewards for stories, contact the, on 0207 782 4104 if you have a lead on some celebrity gossip or an item of news. Alternatively You can contact the Sun Newspaper with the details of your story using the WhatsApp number 07423 720 0250, or the email

The Sun Newspaper: 0207 782 4104

The Sun is a daily tabloid Newspaper with articles on domestic and international news. It also has a solid reputation for breaking news on sports such as football and cricket. The Sun has a long and controversial history partly because it tends to focus on being at the vanguard of the latest UK news. This can lead to some stories being badly researched, or just plain wrong. Readers of the Sun Newspaper of Sun online will note that many of their stories have contact details provided at the bottom, for readers to get in touch. If you have a story that you think they could publish then you should contact the Sun by telephone on 0207 782 4104. This is a landline number for their offices in London. If you are concerned about the price of the call then you can arrange for them to phone you back.

The Sun Online: 0207 782 4368

As well as publishing a tabloid newspaper that you can purchase in shops, the Sun also run an online daily publication. The Sun Online can be found by following this link: Sun Online

The online team pay for tips and media that they deem suitable for publication. If you would like a story, video or photograph to be considered for publication by the Sun Online team then phone 0207 782 4386, or email

As a tabloid newspaper much of their content concerns celebrity gossip and tittle-tattle. However they also lead the way with breaking stories, so if you have something that you think may be of interest then don’t hesitate to contact them by email or telephone. The team are also willing to pay for content that is of interest, although typically strict terms and conditions apply. If you have a story that you think may be of interest it will be best to contact the Sun Online team for advice on how to share your material. The best ways to do this is by phone on 0207 782 4386 or by emailing

The Sun Online Tech Team:

Are you a budding tech entrepreneur with a piece of technology you would like to share with the world? The Sun Online Tech team are always happy to publish interesting stories and updates from the world of science and technology. So contact them by email on

Many of the articles that are published on the Tech section of the Sun Online publication concern cutting edge technology products such as televisions, smart phones and devices. If you have recently bought a new device that you would like to comment or complain about then contact the sun by email on

The Sun Holidays: 0344 543 9743

If you have saved vouchers from your newspaper for a Sun holiday then you can phone their helpline on 0344 543 9743 for support or advice in choosing your holiday. You can also use this telephone number for advice on how to collect the Sun Newspaper holiday codes.


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