The Disney Company UK Head Office Number – 020 8222 1000

Contact the Disney Company at their UK head office on Caroline Street in Hammersmith, London on 020 8222 1000, or email them on

The Disney Company UK is the umbrella company that operates a huge range of operations that operate under the Disney brand, these include:

  • The Disney Store
  • Disney Movies
  • Disney Theatre and shows
  • Disney Parks
  • Disney television channels and shows

If you have a comment or complaint about a product or customer service experience from any of these branches of Disney then you can phone 020 8222 1000.

Disney+ support line – 020 3893 2726

Phone the Disney Plus support line 020 3893 2726 for help with your Disney+ App or streaming account. This number can be used to get support if you have a problem accessing your Disney+ account. For example if you have forgotten your login details such as a password, you can phone the Disney+ Support line for assistance in re-accessing your account.

You can also use this number to seek assistance if you receive an error message on one of your channels.

Disney Stores – 0800 014 9648

Disney Stores are now a common sight in high streets across the UK. Customers can purchase figures and other merchandise from their favourite Disney movies such as Frozen, the Lion King and Toy Story. Disney stores also sell merchandise from Star Wars which is made by Lucas Films, now owned by Disney. If you have a query about a product then you can phone your local store. You can also phone your local Disney Store if you have a complaint about a product or customer service experience. Alternatively you can phone the Disney Store main customer service number 0800 014 9648.  If you are not happy about the outcome of this complaint you can take it to the Disney UK Head Office on 020 8222 1000.

Disney Movies – 020 8222 1000

Have you a comment on a recent Disney Movie viewing experience? If so you can contact the Disney Headquarters on 020 8222 1000. Disney has a huge share of the box office takings in both the US and UK. In fact 80% of the 2019’s top box office hits can be attributed to Disney. With all those profits who would begrudge a loyal customer phoning up to pass comment on one of their movies?

Disney Parks – 020 8222 1000

Customers with questions about one of the Disney Parks around the world can phone the UK Disney Headquarters on 020 8222 1000.

Disney TV channels and shows – 020 8222 1000

Around the world Disney operate 46 TV channels. In the UK Disney TV channels take up a big chunk of the viewing hours of toddlers and children. For example the Disney Channel is a popular and well-known TV channel here. Another popular channel is Disney Junior.  Alongside channels that hold the Disney name are subsidiary channels such as BabyTV which are ultimately owned by Disney. If you would like to contact Disney about your child’s viewing experience on the Disney Channel, BabyTV or another channel then phone the Disney UK head office on 020 8222 1000.