TESLA UK Customer Support Number: 0162 845 0660

Tesla UK Phone Numbers

Branch Phone Number
Customer Service 0162 845 0660
UK Car Delivery 0162 845 0604

Tesla UK Customer Service Number – 0162 845 0660

The Tesla phone number for customers in the UK is 0162 845 0660. Upon dialling this number you will be greeted by the following recorded message:

Thank you for calling Tesla.

  1. For assistance with your Vehicle functions press 1
  2. If you are in an emergency breakdown situation including flat tyres and lockouts press 2
  3. For Sales press 3
  4. For new car deliveries press 4
  5. For Service press 5
  6. For ordering parts and accessory support press 6
  7. For assistance with Tesla energy products press 7

0162 845 0660 Option 1

The Tesla UK Customer Support number 0162 845 0660 can be used to connect with the TESLA team regarding a recent purchase. For example if you have recently bought a Tesla Gateway 2 you can phone this number if you are having difficulties operating your vehicle. 

0162 845 0660 Option 2

When phoning the Tesla UK customer support number press option 2 if you require roadside support following a breakdown. Situations that demand this support might include a lockout or a flat tyre. The Tesla Roadside Assistance option is an excellent post-sales service that gives drivers extra peace of mind on the road. 

01628 450 660 Option 3

Phone the Tesla UK support number and then press option 3 to speak to a member of the sales team about new Tesla products. Options in 2020 include the models S, X and Y cars. You can also speak to the team on the UK Tesla number about battery options such as the Powerpack, and Megapack. Tesla also sell products that can make your home more environmentally-friendly such as Solar panels and the Powewall. To find out more about these options phone Tesla on 01628 450 660 and press option 3.

01628 450 660 Option 4

Phone Tesla  on 01628 450 660 to speak to a member of the team about delivery enquiries.

01628 450 660 Option 5

If your query is in regards to a vehicle service then phone the Tesla UK office and then press option 5. This will connect you with the UK service team who will be able to book your car in.

0162 845 0660 Option 6

If you need a part for your vehicle then phone the Tesla UK support phone number and choose option 6. 

0162 845 0660 Option 7

If you need support concerning a Tesla energy product then choose option 7. This option is suitable for general enquiries about Tesla solar panels, the Powerpack or the Powerwall.

Tesla UK Delivery Centre Number – 01628 450 604

Customers can purchase the Tesla UK team on 01628 450 604 to arrange the delivery of your car or accessory. When you call the Tesla UK delivery centre number 01628 450604 you will be greeted with the following automated options:

Thank you for calling Tesla

  1. If your delivery is taking place by Tesla Direct delivery press 1
  2. If you are collecting your vehicle from one of our delivery locations or have any other query regarding the delivery of your order press 2
  3. For accessory orders press 3