Tesco Insurance: 0345 246 2895

Tesco offer several different types of insurance, to contact the customer service department of each type call the following telephone numbers: Car insurance 0345 246 2895, Travel insurance 0345 293 9475, Home insurance 0345 246 2904, Pet insurance 0345 078 3895.


Car Insurance

Tesco car insurance telephone numbers are open between 8am and 9pm, Monday to Friday and between 9am and 5pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

The general customer service telephone number for Tesco car insurance is 0345 246 2895, this number can be used for a wide range of enquiries and issues. If you have had a breakdown and wish to call for assistance then you should phone the Tesco breakdown telephone line, a member of their customer service team will send you help. Tesco also operate a telephone line dedicated to assisting customers who have lost their keys or had them stolen, this number is 0345 366 0228. To apply for insurance on your car keys you will need to call the Tesco car insurance team on 0345 366 0228. 

If you wish to apply for Tesco car insurance, you should contact Tesco car insurance on 0345 366 8631 for a quote or, if calling from a mobile phone 0113 209 3098. Existing customers should ring 0345 246 2895 for queries of and changes to policy.

          Tesco Car Insurance Underwriters

Although Tesco provide much of the customer service to their customers each car insurance policy is actually underwritten by dedicated insurance providers therefore, if you want to complain about a decision about your claim, you will need to check your policy schedule to find out which company underwrites your claim and then call them directly, using the relevant telephone number, below:

  • Allianz –  0345 504 5389
  • Aviva PLC – 0345 030 7373
  • Axa UK – 0345 078 88893
  • Chaucer – 01227 284 700
  • Covea Insurance – 01422 286 408
  • Sabre Insurance – 0345 678 4444
  • Zenith Insurance – 0330 024 0014


Home Insurance

The Tesco home insurance general customer service telephone number is 0345 246 2904, use this number  for general enquiries, or phone 0113 209 3099 if calling from a mobile. New customers can contact Tesco on 0345 366 8632 for a quote on your home or the contents of your home including anything from the contects of your garden to the contents of your fridge.

           Tesco Home Insurance Underwriters

Complaints about your home insurance can be made directly to Tesco from a landline on 0345 366 1310, from a mobile on 0113 820 9993, or if you would like to challenge a home insurance decision you should call the underwriter of your  claim directly on the relevant phone number.

  • Aviva – 0800 015 1142 – lines open 8-8pm, Monday to Friday, 8.30-5 Saturdays, 10-4 Sundays
  • Friends Life/Friends Providents – 0800 917 9566 – lines open 8.30-6pm, Monday to Friday
  • Countrywide assured PLC – 0345 300 4550 lines open from 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday
  • Norwich Union – 0800 068 6800 – lines open from 8am-8pm Monday to Friday and Saturday 9am-5pm


Life Insurance

Tesco life insurance is also underwritten by specialist insurance providers so you will need to phone the provider directly to query or dispute a decision about your claim. However general enquiries including information on terms and conditions and enquires about the opportunity of taking out a life insurance policy can be dealt with by Tesco directly on 0800 015 7586.

Tesco Life Insurance Underwriters

Aviva – 0800 015 1142
Friends Life/FriendsProvident – 0345 300 4550
Norwich Union – 0800 068 6800


Pet Insurance

Pet owners can enquire about taking out insurance for their furry, feathery or slippery friend by calling the Tesco pet insurance helpline on 0345 078 3878. If you decide to choose Tesco for your pet insurance then your policy will be overseen by the Tesco pet insurance team who you can contact on 0345 078 3895. Claims can be made on your pet insurance by calling Tesco on 0345 078 3860.


Travel insurance

Before travelling phone 0345 293 9474 to enquire about taking out Tesco travel insurance and to get a quote. If you are already a customer then you can contact Tesco on 0345 293 9475 to speak to a customer service representative about your travel insurance policy. Renew a policy on 0345 293 9476. Customers who are diagnosed with a medical condition will need to contact Tesco on 0345 293 9475 as this will have a bearing on the terms of your policy.

             Numbers to call when travelling

Tesco operate three phone numbers for travellers who need to claim on their insurance all the numbers are manned 24 hours a day. The first is a claim line which you can call to give details of an accident or illness and the details for any medical assistance you may have received. The other two are medical emergency lines: 011 44 23 8064 4633 if you are calling from the US or Canada, and 44 23 8064 4633 for callers elsewhere.