talkSPORT phone number: 03717 22 33 44

Phone the talkSPORT team to comment on a topical sporting event using the local rate number 03717 22 33 44. Be aware that the 08717 number is a premium rate number that you should avoid at all costs.

TalkSPORT is a radio show that can be found at 1089/1053AM. If you have a comment on a subject brought up on talkSPORT then you can connect with the team by phone on 03717 22 33 44. This number can be used to connect with the talkSPORT team regarding topics featuring on their radio shows including Sports Bar, the Game Day Phone-in, Extra Time, and talkSPORT Drive. 

Game Day Phone-in number – 03717 22 33 44

Gameday phone in is a regular Saturday slot on TalkSPORT Radio presented by hosts such as Jamie O’Hara and Gabby Agbonlahor. Guests are given the option of contributing live throughout the show, to discuss the Premier League games as they happen. If you have a comment on a match taking place or one that has just finished then phone the Gameday Phone-in show on TalkSPORT using the number 03717 22 33 44.