Surat STD Code

The telephone STD code for the Gujurati city of Surat is 0261. This number will prefix telephone calls from landlines in the coastal city that is home to almost seven million people.

The Landline Surat STD code is also used in the telephone numbers for businesses, hotels and public institutions in the city.


Calls to a Surat STD Code

Calls to Surat from outside of India will need to begin with the international code for India +91 followed by the Surat STD code of 261 (notice the ‘0’ is dropped. Then you will need to dial the landline number XXX-XXXX.

In the case of phone calls to Surat from inside India the number will be the Surat STD code of 0261 followed by the seven digit landline number XXX-XXX, making 11 digits in total.

An example of this number is for the Radisson Blu in Surat. The number is prefixed with the STD access code of 0261 followed by 414 5555.

So a call to this Surat number will be as follows from outside and inside India

India Code Surat STD code Landline 
From India 0261 414 5555
Outside India +91 261 414 5555