Sunshine Holidays Number: 0371 512 2004

Be aware that the Holidays website advertises an 0871 premium rate phone number as a booking line. Please do not phone this number unless you are happy to pay 7 pence per minute plus a more expensive access fee set by your mobile phone provider. This may come to a total of as much as 75 pence per minute.

If you would like to book a holiday with sunshine holidays it would be much cheaper to do so  on their website: Sunshine Holidays. If you prefer to make your transactions over the phone you could try their customer service number 0371 512 2004.

Sunshine Holidays Customer Number:  0371 512 2004

The Sunshine Holidays customer service line is open between 9am and 6pm during the week and 9-5 at the weekend. You can phone this number if you need support with an existing booking. This number can also be used if you have a query about a Sunshine Holidays destination, partner hotel, or flight.

When you call this line you will be placed in a queue. At certain times during the day the queue on their 0371 512 2004 number can be quite long.  This number is an 03 non-geographic landline number which will be included in the allowance of many landlines or mobile phones. If not you will be charged the same as a call to an 01 or 02 local-rate number.